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Meet Sophia, our 12-year-old star volunteer!

She’s only in middle school, but already wiser than many adults. Just listen to this: “Thinking beyond expectation, dreams, and religion is the key to living a happy and free life.”

Yes, Children of Tomorrow is beyond proud to have Sophia Harmelin from Philadelphia on board. When her aunt told her about our NGO, she decided to do something. A few weeks later, she organized a fundraising drive at a local Border’s bookstore and raised $190 selling CoT bracelets. That is, up to now, because Sophia is unstoppable.

If only everyone could have just a bit of Sophia’s outlook on life, the world would be such a different place. Again, listen: “When you live your life trying to be the same as the people around you it is hard to be known as your own person. Breaking out and always being yourself is the best way to achieve your dreams and goals. Always remember that it is the little things that count, and to NEVER STOP SMILING! Have Fun and Be Yourself.” Did we mention she was twelve and a half years old?

Sophia is going to have her bat-mitzvah in June, which means she needs to do a service project. We’re happy that she has chosen Children of Tomorrow. On May 1st, Sophia is going to organize a May Day Carnival at her school. It’s going to be a fun day full of games and events, such as face paint and a raffle. She’ll ask local stores to donate materials and prizes.

Sophia wants to be either a columnist when she grows up, or have her own bakery. Whatever she decides to do, we’ll think she’ll be a huge success!

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