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A recent United Nations survey found six percent of children under five in Sindh severely underfed. The province in southern Pakistan was hit by massive floods last Summer. Six months after the disaster, a whopping twenty-five percent of children are malnourished.

“I haven’t seen malnutrition this bad since the worst of the famine in Ethiopia, Darfur and Chad. It’s shockingly bad,” said Karen Allen, deputy head of Unicef in Pakistan, in a Guardian article.

Contaminated or otherwise unsafe drinking water also poses serious health risks, especially for young children. Children of Tomorrow supports Operation Clean Water Pakistan, a flood relief effort providing water filters to flood-affected areas. One water filter provides clean water for one family for one year. The children of Pakistan still need our support!

If you’re in New York City on February 5th, you can’t miss our live music event to help. The admission price is $30, which equals the price of once water filter. Get your tickets here!

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