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Children of Tomorrow mentioned in Huffington Post

Sophia at her raffle table (picture: Courtney D'ne Brown)

Our organization and the fundraiser for Operation Clean Water Pakistan were mentioned in the Huffington Post last week, in the same article that talked about former President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment (CGI). This is a movement that aims to bring together leaders from various fields to help find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

When author Lauren Yanks heard Clinton and several Balkan leaders talk about those “innovative solutions”,  she immediately thought about our NYC fundraiser she attended last week. There, our 12-year-old volunteer Sophia Harmelin spoke about ‘The Movement for New Chances’. For her bat-mitzwah project Sophia had collected money for the water filter flood relief effort. In her speech she said:

“I thought, this is my chance to save lives. Thinking beyond expectation, dreams, and religion is the key to living a happy and free life.”

Another wonderful excerpt from the article:

“What’s a better bat-mitzvah project than to help the children of Pakistan?” Sophia asked, unknowingly answering Clinton’s call to step out of the box.

Read the full article here and please leave a comment!

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