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I’ve been training for the Rotterdam Marathon these past months. It’s not just a personal challenge: I’m running for a cause. During my training, I’ve realized the importance of staying hydrated. Thankfully, I have liters of clean water at my disposal. The children of Sindh, however, do not. Last August, the Sindh region of Pakistan was devastated by massive floods, contaminating the water supply. People still live in makeshift tents and millions of children are suffering from waterborne diseases.

I went to Sindh last October and saw the destruction with my own eyes. I went there as part of Operation Clean Water Pakistan, a flood relief project in which we distribute water filters to the affected areas. These water filters provide clean and safe drinking water for a family for a year. We’ve already received numerous generous donations, and many filters are now under way from China. But we can never have enough filters.

Your support will be a huge motivation! You can support my run with an amount per kilometer (there’s 42 of them) or just give one filter. For €25 you’ll donate a filter that provides water for up to 8 people.

I’m going to Pakistan in May to make sure the filters reach the people who need them the most. These filters will protect vulnerable children until a more permanent clean water system is in place.

If you’re near or in Rotterdam on Sunday, April 10th, come cheer me on! The race starts at 11 am.

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Donations can be made through Children of Tomorrow in the Netherlands. Please specify “Operation Clean Water Pakistan”. And please click on ‘like’ on our Facebook page. You will bring this initiative to the attention of our friends.

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