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Taeka’s motto: “Putting words into action”

Taeka Haraguchi has been working as Children of Tomorrow’s intern and overall assistant for the past months. She’s doing hundreds of things from getting raffle prizes for out first annual fundraiser to researching curriculum for our project Think Big Nepal. Taeka is a recent college graduate with a degree in Political Science, and is interested in pursuing a career in the NGO and non-profit field.

Taeka explains what she’s learned these past months:

“Taking a seed of an idea and translating that in to a palpable result, while trying to also grow at lightning speed is never easy, but always worth it for the right purpose. I know that it is easy to disqualify the face of suffering when you hear about it in such broad strokes – what are 5000 people more than just a statistic we see rolling across a screen? But what I try to remember, and what I believe the team does, is that fate and fortune never discriminate. Disaster can happen anywhere, and many of us are lucky enough to be born in a developed nation, to have the opportunity to have a relatively decent education provided for us. I appreciate working with this amazing team and am continually stunned at what a little self-determination and kindness can do. We encourage you here at CoT to get involved somehow, and when it comes to helping others, to always, always ‘Think Big’.”

Keep up the good work, Taeka!

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