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Here is a quick overview of our projects. Click on the links to read more about them.


In Pakistan 23 million children are in need of education. Children of Tomorrow is working in collaboration with an international NGO which runs more than 150 schools in underprivileged communities. Our focus is to provide this NGO with computer-based education (CBE) as a supplement to classroom learning. Our aim is to bring computers into the classes through laptops running on alternate energy and providing proprietary software that transfers their English and Math curriculum in an interactive format. The pilot phase of our deployment has started on April 6, 2009, whereby 3 schools were equipped with education software to deliver Grade 2 curriculum. This phase will test user experience and quantify the social return on the use of this technology. On the back of this project, we will start deployment of solar run laptops in the target schools.
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Children of Tomorrow will collaborate with Nepal Orphans Home (NOH), situated in the Dhapasi section of Kathmandu. NOH operates homes for children who’ve been orphaned, abandoned or rescued from bonded labor. CoT will work with the children and teachers to improve their existing skill levels, modernize the curriculum, monitor the growth of the children and teachers, and initiate a collaboration of various schools (like an ePenpal program). The solar-powered laptops will be downloaded with standard curriculum, as well as curriculum on critical thinking, self-empowerment, vocational training and life skills in order to help these children bridge the education gap. All this will be achieved by implementing an ICT (Information & Computer Technologies) platform.
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Operation Clean Water Pakistan

Operation Clean Water Pakistan Operation Clean Water Pakistan is an emergency relief effort of NGO Children of Tomorrow. In this temporary project, we’re aiming to distribute water filters to the flood-affected areas. The scale of the disaster in Pakistan is beyond our imagination. According to latest estimates, over 20 million people have been affected. The floods have left millions of people without access to clean drinking water and victims risk water-borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and diarrhea. CoT is giving its full support to Operation Clean Water Pakistan to help children resume normal life as soon as possible as the lack of proper shelter, food and clean water impairs their ability to learn and access to a better future.
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